Black Sea Grains Trading

At the first glance

UBN Corporation is a provider and marketer of quality products and individualised services in agricultural sector. Through our broad range of competencies and experience we provide and market agricultural commodities and professional logistics services at competitive rates.

Black Sea Grains

Vision and strategy

Following the main principles of our company politic - correctness and goodwill, UBN Corporation connects producers and users of grains, pulses, feedstuffs, oilseeds, vegetable oils and other agricultural commodities all over the world.

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Around the world

UBN Corporation's headquarters is located in Bulgaria. The company has representative offices in United Kingdom, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia and Morocco. UBN Corporation mainly deals with producers from the entire Black Sea region and users from Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Partnership Black Sea Grains Oilseeds


UBN Corporation is in permanent relationships with a number of commodity producers and farmers, local and global trading and processing companies, prime commodity brokers and brokerage companies, flour millers, crushers, animal feed manufacturers and other professionally-established trade unions.

High quality fertilisers

Black Sea Grains Oilseeds Logistics

Through its comprehensive network UBN Corporation provides a wide range of high quality fertilisers.  Flexibility combined with experience and focus on quality gives us the competence to market the following products:

- ammonium nitrate;
- urea (carbamide);
- granular N, P and K fertilisers;
- granular N and P fertilisers;
- granular P and K fertilisers.

UBN Corporation markets a wide range of fertilisers produced by leading local and international producers at competitive prices. We are in permanent partnership with farmers who use and purchase fertilisers and we are always at their disposal for professional advice and consultations. This ensures very high levels of efficiency leading to tremendous savings in costs.


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Agriculture must mediate between nature and the human community, with ties and obligations in both directions. To farm well requires an elaborate courtesy toward all creatures, animate and inanimate. It is sympathy that most appropriately enlarges the context of human work.

Wendell Berry, Bringing it to the Table: Writings on Farming and Food

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Grains and feedstuffs

Black Sea grains, feedstuffs, oilseeds, oilseeds expeller cakes and meals

One of the main bulk products that UBN Corporation provides is soft milling wheat including high protein and quality specific wheats. We also market yellow corn, barley and feed wheat. Additionally UBN Corporation supplies various feedstuffs as wheat bran, alfalfa pellets and bales, straw pellets and bales and compound feeds. Our company is focused mainly on Bulgaria and the entire Black Sea region and is well connected to farmers and producers.


UBN Corporation supplies a wide range of pulses but is mainly focused on chickpeas, yellow peas and feed peas of Bulgarian and Black Sea origin. Our company also markets green peas, lentils and beans. The goods can be shipped in bulk or in different types of bags. We can also offer competitive services by containers to various locations but especially for our customers from Asia and the Middle East.


UBN Corporation actively markets quality oilseeds mainly of Bulgarian and Black Sea origin. The main commodities we are focused on are sunflower seeds, rapeseed and linseed. We also provide a wide range of by-products used for animal feed including high protein sunflower seed meal, sunflower expeller cake and rapeseed meal.

Vegetable oils

We market various vegetable crude and refined oils, in bulk or bottled, including sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil and corn oil. UBN Corporation is in permanent relationships with prime oil-press and oil extraction factories from Bulgaria and the entire Black Sea region from one side and from the other - with users and consumers from Europe and Asia.