Logistics Services

UBN Corporation provides and develops global logistics services, solutions and transportation schemes by all modes of transport at competitive rates.

Chartering and brokerage
UBN Corporation offers ship brokerage and chartering services. The company is ready to furnish indications of freight rates, availability of free tonnage for cargo and dates interesting to our customers.
Ship’s agency
We also provide ship’s agency services for vessels of any type and size carrying various cargoes, including grains, vegetable oils, general cargoes, chemical and bulk cargoes.
Forwarding services
Our company forwards grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils, sugar, containers, bulk cargoes and also general cargoes. UBN Corporation develops and furnishes offers comprising conditions and recommendations regarding optimal transport schemes, efficient routes and ways of cargo transportation and also provides arranging of documents required for shipment, transportation and receipt of cargo.
UBN Corporation also offers warehouses that have completely modern storage systems and material handling equipment coupled with skilled as well as professional manpower. This ensures very high levels of operational efficiency leading to tremendous savings in costs to clients.
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